About Us

About us

Culinary Search Group provides a wide range of hospitality professionals, including private chefs, corporate chefs, service staff, industry consultants, and other specialized positions, to premier hospitality markets and the private service industry. We can provide many other services – hospitality event planning, equipment rentals, menu planning, inventory logistic management, and consulting services to name a few. Our goal is to tailor our client’s search to meet their specific needs.

To date, we have contracted thousands of workers in restaurants, hotels, conference centres, catering companies, healthcare facilities and with Fortune 500 families and individuals. We have also successfully coordinated events ranging from intimate dinner parties with a private chef to the 200-guest soiree, placed Demo Chefs at various conventions and many other exciting functions.

Chef Matt Binkley, the creator of Culinary Search Group, has been in the culinary industry since the young age of 15. He is a chef, teacher, consultant and cookbook author. His experience and knowledge of the industry, as well as his degree in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences, have led him to unique opportunities, apprenticing under some of North America’s best chefs, including Jean Georges Vongerichten, Chef Michael Stadtlander and Mark McEwan.

As a private chef, Matt has spent 16 years cooking for the wealthy and famous on private estates, yachts and private islands in North America, the Bahamas and the Middle East. Matt has completed his seventh Arctic Safari tour. Working in remote locations throughout Nunavut, Canada, he has cooked for the Prince of Monaco as well as other members of the world’s elite.

In March of 2013, Matt qualified to interview with the King of Jordan for an opportunity to become his Private Nutritional Chef. It was at that time that Matt decided to return home with his noble and humble pursuit of passion and purpose and create the Culinary Search Group.

Seeing a gap in the market, Matt provides high-quality, well-trained staff, from Front to Back-of-House, as well as Executive, Corporate and Private Chefs.

Chef Matt Binkley supplies the know-how, the security and the dependability to meet his client’s demands. If you’re looking to elevate your culinary experience, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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